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Once Your Mindset Expands...

I was incredibly fortunate this year to be able to hire Matt Furey as my personal success Coach. This is a man that is super modest, despite his extreme success.

In fact, people don’t know this, but Tony Robbins has paid him a few times to come and do a consult (I always wondered who the masters went to as their teachers).

Everytime we have a Coaching call, he expands my way of thinking. So funny enough, he actually brought this up on our call last week.

He said, ‘Kyle, once the mind expands to new realities and possibilities it can never go back’. And how right he is!

The problem is that most people don’t let their minds expand because they get stuck in a rut with their way of thinking.

Once you know what’s possible, why would you settle for anything less? When I see someone use a weight in the gym that they’ve never used before, I will tell them, ‘Awesome job! Now you can’t ever go back, you now know what your new capabilities are’.

In which area does your mind need to expand?

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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