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Fear is the Biggest…

On vacation, I was able to read two novels, squeezed in between our family time and while the boys were sleeping.

I believe reading novels is an undervalued hobby. It causes you to use much more of your brain that just watching a television show and it really allows your brain a break.

Its meditative if you will.

In one of the books, which was excellent by the way (The Betrayal by Tim Tigner), they speak of fear being the biggest industry in the world.

I know fear is the strongest motivator but I never heard it phrased this way before.

Flip this around and figure out to how to use this to your advantage. Figure out exactly what you fear and then write it down, break it down and reframe it.

What if all goes to hell?

I’ll counter that with: What if everything goes better than expected?

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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