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8 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

When I was first exposed to intermittent fasting 4.5 years ago, I knew I had struck gold.

At the time, it was only for me, meaning I could finally give up all the complex diet strategies and just focus on simplicity.

It’s not a stretch to say that intermittent fasting changed my life.

In today’s episode of Unlocking Your Inner Strength, I cover 8 key benefits of intermittent fasting. You can listen to the episode here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/unlocking-your-inner-strength/id1138596023?mt=2

Think differently - Kyle Newell

P.S-We are having our next people of fitness party at our Flemington location on Friday the 12th. It will begin at 7:30 PM and we will have local beer and pizza on hand. It’s always a blast and all are welcome. You don’t need to be a member to attend. You can RSVP by sending an email to devon@newellstrength.com

P.P.S-We are having a ‘drive-in’ movie night on Friday the 26th at our Hillsborough location. It’s BYOB, you must bring lawn chairs too. It will be a Halloween movie in the spirit of Halloween, so keep the little ones at home….

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