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Kelly is About to Ride Through Death Valley

Kelly has been training with us at Newell Strength for over two years now.

In that time, she’s been consistent, despite the ups and downs of life.

Kelly is a student of life and she possesses the go-getter mindset.

She continues to be an excellent role model to her two sons and to all other busy moms out there.

But never one to rest on her accomplishments, she decided this past year to get back into cycling, a passion of hers and will be heading out to ride 100 miles in the vaunted Death Valley...

Here she is in her own words: https://youtu.be/IyzLBCiHN6c

Keep it up Kelly and good luck in Death Valley!

Think differently - Kyle Newell

P.S-If you’d like to come in and try Newell Strength out for a trial just like Kelly did a few years ago, we are running a 50% off promo through our emails only. If you go this page and fill out the application (or you can send it off to a friend), you will get to participate in your 30-day trial for only $99. You can go here to apply: https://www.newellstrength.com/30-day-risk-free-trial

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