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Running Over the Lawn Mower

Two weekends ago I was finishing up yard work with the Munch Man while Devon was getting ready to take the boys over to a friend’s house so we could have a date night.

I had left the mower off to the side of the driveway, not processing that she was going to be leaving soon. Anyhow, she loaded up, I put Munchie in his car seat and off she went, smack-smash right into our mower!

The damage could have been worse, I only lost a wheel which I can easily replace.

At first I was angry, but then I realized it was pretty funny and it was only my own fault.

When you can look in the mirror and take ownership of your life, you realize that anger has no place because it’s like a ball and chain around your spirit.

If you are going to laugh about it later, mind as well laugh about it now.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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