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Eric Kelner, aka the Ultimate Lawyer

Here’s a little bit about the September member of the month, Eric Schwarzenegger.

Eric, aka the Ultimate Lawyer, has been on quite the run lately. When Eric first joined over a year ago, he was coming off a broken wrist that greatly limited some of his training. But he didn’t make excuses, he knew the importance of his fitness and that he wanted to be a role model for his daughters. Eric is also diabetic and once again, he could have done what so many people with diabetes do in my experience, which is to let it run their life and to become a ‘victim’, but he didn’t. He has faced it head on, has asked for help in implementing certain nutrition strategies and has sliced body fat, season after season. If that weren’t enough, he won the very first MyZone Cup at Newell Strength. He advanced and beat each team he was put against, week after week, accumulating the most effort and energy points. Continue to lead and inspire Ultimate Lawyer!

Think differently - Kyle Newell

P.S-Eric became a member a few years ago after being referred by his buddy Kevin. If you know someone that could use our help, send them to the link below and they’ll get $50 off! Can’t beat that….https://www.newellstrength.com/30-day-risk-free-trial

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