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WWF: Brax and Tank Style

About 2 weeks ago my good friend, Brandon, and his daughter Chloe stopped in for a surprise visit. (He did give me a few hours notice because he knows I don’t like the ‘drop in’ unannounced, ha!)

They were traveling from Chicago to NYC to see Chloe’s back doctor.

Brandon and I hit it off about 4 years ago, like minded-individuals that have similar fitness businesses.

We went for a hike (saw a really big rat snake!) and then he and I were going to try and head to BJJ. However, the timing didn’t quite workout, so we decided to work on some pummeling up in the cul de sac.

Well, Brax, Colt, Chloe and Suzy all came up to watch after a few minutes and Braxton was mesmerized watching us grapple.

After we wrapped up, we went down to sit inside the fenced in area before Brandon and Chloe had to take off. While sitting there, all of the sudden, we heard a smash and then Colt crying.

Munchie had taken one of the glass skulls from the Halloween decorations and smashed it on Tank’s head!

Tank is a tough little bugger and only cried for a minute. After scolding Braxton, I was thinking about he was really just mimicking us. Kids and adults alike, learn through observation.

The lesson here: boys will be boys and rocks will be rocks, don’t try to change the nature of a being. And, if you’ve been struggling to get back on track and you have kids, realize that they are modeling your behavior and action or lack of action.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

P.S-We have our people of fitness night party this Friday, the 12th at the Flemington Newell Strength. We’d love for you to come out and enjoy a drink (Skunktown Distillery) and have some pizza! No, you don’t have to be a member and yes, you can and should bring friends!

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