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The Mullet is No More

Roughly two weeks ago, Braxton had told me that he no longer wanted his hair in his face.

Now, those of you that have seen Braxton before know that his hair fits his personality. In fact, he has never had a haircut until now.

Nevertheless, I told him that we would be fixing that for him ASAP. So, on that Friday afternoon, I told Devon that I would be taking him in to see our good friend Chad, for a mullet.

To me, it made perfect sense: it would keep the hair out of his face, kids on the playground would no longer mistake him for a girl and he would keep his ‘personality’ (long, blond curls) in the back. To me it was a no-brainer, this was perfect for functionality!

Well, throughout that entire weekend I continued to remind Devon about the mullet. That Tuesday morning of our appointment came and I took him in. And let me tell you, it was freaking sweet!

I was a proud dad, taking his son for his first haircut and a mullet at that!

Devon didn’t feel quite the same way….

Let’s just say I was in the doghouse for a better part of that week and Brax no longer has a mullet.

Clarity is key in communication. But what happens when the one you are communicating with still isn’t clear on your intent? Most issues arise in life because of a lack of clarity with self and others.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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