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The Lemon Eater

A few weeks ago at a Halloween festival, they were giving out this sugar lemon things. Basically they stick a sugar straw into a lemon and you get to enjoy.

And it was pretty sweet.

Tank was having one but once he got to the end of the straw he began trying to gnaw on the lemon, which I couldn’t imagine would taste to good. And then my sister in law Lynne informed me that she eats lemons all the time, just like you or I would eat an apple.

I had never heard of such a thing. But i made me realize that some people like sweet, some like sour and some like bitter.

The late, great, Charles Poliquin would always tell us at workshops that your food preferences could tell us a lot about a person’s metabolic profile.

Nonetheless, you need to make sure that the food plan you follow allows you to eat foods you like. Otherwise, you are on a ‘diet’ and diets don’t work! (Nutritional principles do work, remember, it has to be functional and sustainable).

Think differently - Kyle

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