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Halloween: My Favorite Holiday

I recall watching a ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ when I was 7 years old at my great aunt’s house.

You might be thinking why in the heck a 7 year old was watching that. Well, my mom and dad weren’t there and let’s just say I was a persuasive kid from the get go.

Anyhow, that movie got me hooked on horror and Halloween.

It’s not the holiday per say, itself; it’s the memories, the leaves falling, the fall weather, pumpkin picking and hot apple cider. Yup, Halloween instantly puts me into a state where I was recall pleasantries.

This is known as Hebb’s Law: what gets fired together, gets wired together.

This is the reason your favorite song creates strong emotion and instantly puts you into a better state. The same thing goes for you favorite movies, your favorite holidays and so on.

Armed with this knowledge, how can you put Hebb’s Law to use for you starting today?

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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