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What Do You Want From Life?

I recall a date I had with my grandfather, Leo, shortly after graduating from college.

We went out for pizza at a local joint and I shared with him that I was feeling lost, not really knowing what my life was supposed to be now that I was officially done with school.

Which lead down the path of pondering what I really wanted out of life.

This question has always been a beacon of light for me as it keeps me ‘on track’.

In today’s episode, I break down how you can figure out what it is that you want out of life.

You can take a listen to the episode here: http://kylenewell.com/inner-strength-podcast/

Think differently - Kyle Newell

P.S-We have our Thanksgiving charity workout this Thursday at 7AM at the Hillsborough facility. Normally we have between 80-100 people for this fun workout, which is also for a great cause. This year we are donating to Rebecca, a 4th grader that has stage 4 kidney cancer (minimum $10 donation). If you’d like to come and bring a friend or two or three, please do!

P.P.S-Black Friday is coming, which means we have a special deal for anyone that would like to try us out. For now, through Friday, you can purchase one of our 30-day test drive memberships for half off, either for you or a friend. Simply send devon@newellstrength.com an email to reserve one of these limited offerings. It’ll make a great holiday gift!

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