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Letters to the Boys: The Vision Beyond the Vision

I am writing you boys this note on the eve of Thanksgiving, 2018.

You, mom and I all have so much to be grateful for.

I know sometimes it might feel like the world is against you, but it’s not.

When it feels like you are carrying the weight of the world it just means the world is once again trying to teach you some important lessons.

I hope you guys are keeping up with your nightly list of ‘3 wins for the day’.

This is the simplest way I know to protect your confidence. And it should also shed light on the fact that the things we take for granted are the things that we should be the most grateful for.

Each laugh shared….

Every workout you do in which you push the limits…

A warm bed to lay in with the love of your life…

Your ability to see, both literally and futuristically….

And that’s the point I want to hit home on.

We all have ideas and dreams. Dreams are nothing more than visions. The first step in life is to be clear on your vision.

The problem comes when you get close to your vision and you take your foot off the pedal.

And this is human nature, to get comfortable and complacent. Your vision is that rope that keeps pulling you into the future, if you get too close to it, there will be no tension on that rope, thus, nothing propelling you on to bigger and greater things.

Life happens in the gap. The gap is that area that makes it feel as if life is beating us down that I mentioned earlier.

Yet, the people that are most successful in life know that the real secret is that life happens in that gap. The gap means growth and we can only feel fulfilled when we are growing.

Now, to keep that gap constant, you need to have a vision beyond the original vision. Once you get close to the first milestone, you need to once again create a vision beyond the next vision and so on.

Everyone has the ability to visualize.

Not everyone will take the time to sit down, close their eyes, breathe and run that vision through the movie screen of their mind.

Even fewer will take time to write their vision out.

Lastly, only the 1% will have a vision beyond the vision.

And if you want to live an exceptional life, you’ll take being a 1%er to heart and it will become a part of your soul.

Happy Thanksgiving boys!

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