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Member Showcase: Pistol Pete


Here is Pistol Pete’s fitness journey in his own words. It’s not all roses, he owns it and he has inspired through it.

“I was a whopping 5lbs14oz at birth, full term, which is when I was forced into my “bulking” phase; yup they would wake me up to feed me. It kinda went all downhill from there. I was a very active kid, always involved in organized sports and pick up games with my friends. I thank god that we didn’t get an Atari when I was that age, I still suck at most video games. So being the “big” kid I never got to play Pop Warner football and always wore number 13 playing baseball because it was the biggest uniform. In high school I continued to play sports but never got any real or for that matter bad coaching in the realm of weightlifting or nutrition.

I went right into medic school after high school and then started my EMS career. I would routinely work six 12 hour shifts a week between a full time job and two part time jobs, sometimes I’d have a 24 hour shift sprinkled in for fun. Fast food was life, mixed in with some awesome ethnic food depending whether I was in Perth Amboy, Elizabeth or New Brunswick. I GOT LARGE. So I joined the health center at the hospital and I would go in and put in an hour of completely haphazard work, but I broke a sweat so it counted for something. Then came the low carb high protein with the pills diet plan, it worked but not anything sustainable, probably because they had to reformulate the pills something about hearts blowing up with prolonged use.

I had the big career change and got academy fit. I dropped about 15 pounds before the academy and about another 15 or twenty while I was in. I was in good condition walking out. I made on and off attempts at working out at a box gym over the next years, bought an elliptical for home, yada, yada, yada. I gained and gained until I maxed out at about 323 lbs. and realized I had some problems. I got put on meds by my doc for cholesterol and diabetes, BAM smacked in the face!!! I started using a phone app that tracks all of your ins and outs and had success because I was holding myself accountable.

This is when my fitness journey began in earnest. I was introduced to Newell Strength as a client in a fat shredder contest. Not gonna lie it kicked my ass. The first couple of weeks I’d go to the gym then get home walk through the door and LITERALLY lay down on the floor and sleep. Seems like a long time ago. Since then I’ve become part of the tribe and continue on my transformation journey. I’ve gotten off of the meds and normalized my blood work, which is a huge positive. I’ve made physical changes that are drastic enough that people notice and comment which is a big boost to the ego and makes me want to continue putting in the work.

I’ve had periods of great focus and success as well as periods of no focus, no workouts and downward trends. It’s my path, I own it positive and not so positive.”

Think differently - Kyle Newell


P.S-We are having our first ever deadlift championships on Dec. the 15th. This is for a great cause, another way for NS to raise money for Rebecca Piro, the 1st grader in my nephews class that has stage 4 kidney cancer. You can find out more about the contest here (novices are welcome!): www.newellstrength.com/deadlift

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