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Being Stuck in a Peaceful State

Earlier this week I was telling you about my flight out to Michigan a few weeks ago.

Well, on the way back, I got a text on my way to the airport telling me that my flight had been delayed two hours.

I reframed the situation quickly and decided I would get some reading in, my daily meditation and some planning for the following week.

The flight wound up getting delayed a few more times, so I just kept re-framing it. It wasn’t bad, it was a good thing because of the gap in my schedule it opened up.

The delays meant that I didn’t get home and to sleep until 1 AM, only to be up again at 5 AM to Coach 4 sessions, which again, I reframed before going to bed.

I could have thought about being tired and being bitter about my delay, but instead I thought of how cool it was that I still get to go after my passion and have these opportunities to Coach clients every single day.

Reframe, it’s the most important skill you’ll ever learn.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

P.S-After the deadlift championships on Dec. 15th, we are having our annual Holiday Party at Newell Strength with the reindeer present. This party is known as Festivus, because, well, it’s a festivus for the rest of us! It’s PotLuck and BYOB. Feel free to bring friends!

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