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What Temperature is Your Thermostat Set At?

Growing up, we rarely had the AC on nor did the heat ever really go up about 62 degrees (unless we had company coming over).

Were my parents trying to toughen us up? Maybe, but the real reason is that they had 4 boys to feed and take care of and if they could cut down a little on expenses by having an extra layer or two on, then great!

They were able to put all 4 of us through college!

Now, what would happen if I messed with thermostat when I was a boy and started opening windows in the winter time? If the thermostat was set to 62, it would drop temporarily and then get back to 62.

Well, we work the same way psychologically. You will never advance past your self-identity or where your internal thermostat is set to. Can that change? For sure, but it takes work and changing your beliefs.

It’s time for you to start thinking differently - Kyle Newell

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