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What Are You Doing With Your Down Time?

Each day this week I will be bringing one of the five areas of growth to get and learn from this situation. Today’s topic is ‘down time’….

How many times have you wished that you just had more time in the day?

How many times did you wish that you had more time to rest and rejuvenate? To just chill and relax with the little moments of life?

Well, now you got it.

So, what are you going to do with it?

It’s easy to let your work expand to fill the time you allow for it (Parkinson’s Law). And if you aren’t used to being on your own schedule or working from home, it can be tricky.

It took me quite some time when I resigned from teaching to figure it out.

The initial disruption of this situation has come and gone. Now you have to be diligent and disciplined with your time and energy. When work is done, shut it down for the day.

I know you have more time now because you have pretty much zero travel time. There’s no more commute, there’s no carting the kids around.

Think about it, that is found time. Time is the most valuable thing we have because you can never get it back.

Use some of this new-found time to recharge your batteries. Yes, enjoy a show here and there but don’t use it as an excuse to turn into Homer Simpson, as I said up top. I’ve been seeing this happen to too many people.

Get some more reading in, take a break from your phone. Play some family games, get out in the sunshine midday. Treat yourself to a nighty show, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But keep in mind that as humans we need rest, we need social interaction, we need sunlight and we need movement. Schedule out your days and commit to these things each day.

Treat them with importance.

This too shall pass. When it’s done, you are either going to say, ‘WTF!’, because you are more drained than when it all started in mid-March or you are going to feel fresh and ready to go. In ways that you haven’t felt in years in some cases.

If you never recharged your phone, it would die.

Your batter is no different.

Enjoy this time and create some memories with it.

Be unconventional - Kyle

1- The Fat Shredder is coming! Realistically it’ll probably start at some point in the backside of May and run until the 4th of July weekend. Here’s all you have to do for now: start thinking of your teammates. Each team will have at least a member, non-member and one woman (teams of 3). It’s gonna be epic and just what we all need at that time:)

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