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‘He’s Pathetic’

Two weeks ago, a troll found his way into one of the comments sections for our Ripped Dads ad.

He made some kind of comment about our guy GL being pathetic and having to ‘diet’. And then some other guys jumped on him and ironically, the troll started accusing them of being trolls. Ha!

I normally don’t reply back because it’s a complete waste of energy. This time, however, I simply asked the question: ‘How is this pathetic? He has lost 75 pounds and counting and feels great?’ Crickets….

Some people will always look to critique and criticize and others will look for inspiration in every situation.

If GL listened to all the negative chatter from others as he began this journey or heck, even the negative chatter in his own head, he would never have gotten started.

See, even trolls can teach us lessons.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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