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Head Trainer and Suzy Caught, Red Handed!

About a month ago, I was heading over to the Flemington location for a meeting with Devon and Dana.

When I arrived, the joint looked empty. I went in through one of the doors and looked around, but didn’t see any signs of anyone.

As I continued to walk around, I heard groaning and moaning coming from behind the closed, office door.

It sounds like….at least two people having some fun and pleasure.

So, I ripped the door open and lo and behold….

Coach Mike and Suzy Homemaker were going to town….

With a dozen donuts from D and D.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

The point is, yes, we ‘get it’. Fitness isn’t supposed to BE your life, its supposed to enhance your life.

The team at Newell Strength eats burgers, fries, donuts and yes, we even drink beer.

What does this mean? It means complete understanding of you, the trainee.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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