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Dear Kyle….

I recently had a close friend tell me that he was going to be giving ‘Keto’ a shot for at least a month.

He said, ‘Hey K, I am doing to do keto, what do you think?’

I held in my chuckle, because he already knew my stance on such approaches.

But I’ll lay it out here, for you benefit.

First, keto is terrible for your health, simply do some research other than listening to what the yenta down the street did a decade ago. There are tons of peer reviewed research papers out there outlining the negative health consequences (but you won’t hear about them because they don’f fit the narrative).

Second, and more importantly in my mind. You cannot and will not, form a habit around something so extreme. And if you can’t form a habit around it….

It won’t work.

When you force an issue or use extreme will power, be sure to know that the pendulum will swing just as far back the other way and there will be consequences.

You are not carb intolerant, that doesn’t exist. Maybe your sugar cravings have something to do with stress, lack of sleep and keeping good healthy carbs, too low.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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