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He’s a Character

Two Friday’s ago, we had our first parent-teacher conference for Braxton.

Back in the day when I was a PE teacher, no one ever scheduled a conference with me, although I wish they had.

Anyhow, both teachers were telling us how much of a character he was.

Suzy and I both were giggling out loud as they relayed stories to us.

We wholeheartedly agreed that he is a character, in fact, we encourage it.

In life, so many people want to fit in, not stand out, for fear of being different.

Some people hear the term, ‘he’s a character’ and they assume it to be a bad thing.

My life has been made up of a collection of characters surrounding me. My brothers and close friends always said I seem to have a whack-pack (other characters).

When someone says, ‘You’re a character’, it’s a great thing, it means you stepped into your authentic you.

Being a character and being weird is a nature state of being. Being a character is where life gets fun.

So, I hope that as long as he is in school, we keep hearing that he is a character (and respectful and kind, which they told us too).

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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