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When You Teach, You Learn Twice

6 and half years ago, I resigned from teaching. Those of you that knew me then know how difficult a decision that was.

In fact, it was the most difficult decision that I have ever had to make.

And it was difficult for a multitude of factors, one of which was that I loved teaching, I absolutely loved it!

Once I reframed my situation and realized that I would still be teaching, just to a different audience, then it made the pain sting a little less.

I have no problem saying that I am a world class teacher; but the reason I am confident in saying that is because I am a world class student. I can’t get enough learning in.

One of my methods for learning was teaching what I recently learned, way before I had a full grasp of whatever the said concept or lesson was.

In today’s episode, I discuss the concept of teaching and learning twice. You can take a listen here: http://kylenewell.com/podcast/episode-149-when…-you-learn-twice/

Think differently- Kyle Newell

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