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Less Stress Equals Less Fat

I used to stress my body out way more than was needed when I was trying to lose body fat back when I was competing in bodybuilding.

I always had the mentality that more was better, that harder was better and so on. And while that mental toughness has served me well, it can do more harm than good if you don’t know when to take your foot off the gas.

When people go on vacation, usually one of these two things happens or maybe both: they lose weight (despite eating and drinking to their heart’s desire) and/or, their sex drive goes up.

How could this be? Simple, less stress. This leads to less stress hormone production which will allow your body to get back to its more natural state. Stress hormones serve a purpose but they do more harm than good when we can’t shut them off.

If you are trying to lose fat, here a few things to remember:

-Take your time, don’t make drastic cuts. Drastic cuts lead to a stress response.

-Sleep more, rest more, rather than living on stimulants. Nothing will change your body quicker and more permanently than 7+ hours of good, quality sleep per night.

-Don’t train your body into the ground. When you are ‘off’ from the gym, simply go for a walk or do some mobility work. Remember, your body doesn’t change during the workout, its during the recovery that fat loss and muscle building happens.

Don’t worry, be happy….

Think differently- Kyle Newell

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