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Here’s How Kids Are More Wise Than Us

About a week and a half ago, Munchie and I were taking Dax and Mateena for their morning walk.

Its something I look forward to on the days when it’s just he and I before he goes to school.

Anyway, we were about half way through the walk when I asked him what he wanted to do next; a bike ride or play with his army guys.

To which he responded, ‘Dad, I just want to take the dogs for a walk’.

Man, was I humbled.

I was trying to plan out the next hour for him and he could care less, he just wanted to be doing what he was doing.

How beautiful and how simple.

It was a great reminder for me that the only moment is the here and now.

That’s one of the great things about a great workout, you have to be in the present moment to make it through it.

This week, think of how you can have your thoughts become more child-like and report back.

Think differently- Kyle Newell

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