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You Won’t Believe What Was On My Windshield

About two and a half weeks ago, I went out to get in the truck to head for a conditioning workout before my Tuesday morning networking meeting over in Flemington.

There was some dew out and about so I put the windshield wipers on before backing up the driveway.

And to my surprise, shyt got smeared all across the windshield.

And it wasn’t bird shyt. It was some kind of bigger animal, my guess is a racoon. You see, I had accidentally left a bag of garbage in the bed that I meant to throw in the trash can the night before.

Anyhow, I had to get out the hose and clean the windshield.

Now, that could have been a ‘stub your toe getting out of bed’ scenario or it could have been something to laugh about.

I always believe that in most situations if we are going to look back on something later and laught about it, why not just laugh about it in the here and now?

Think about it, it’s just a matter of reframing what has happened to you.

Plus, I like to laugh.

Think differently - Kyle

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