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A Breakthrough for Your Sleep

I was sitting in the classroom out in Tempe, Arizona, learning from the esteemed Charles Poliquin, a living legend in my eyes.

And before he proceeded to try and belittle me for 30 minutes in front of the classroom on day 2 of the course (long story; he is a genius but that doesn’t mean I want my sons to grow up to be like him), he spoke about sleep.

Charles runs around with the top doctors in different areas of specialization. He told us that his sleep doctor friend had told him that the most important factor in the quality of your sleep was to have a consistent wake up time.

Simple right? But what happens when that alarm clock goes off and all you want to do is hit snooze?

Invariably you do it, we’ve all done it. But, did you know that when we do this we reset our sleep cycle? Studies have now shown that snoozing for just a little bit, causes something called sleep inertia.

Sleep inertia takes 4 hours to ‘shake off’. Is 10 minutes of more beauty rest worth four hours of valuable day time?

If you struggle with this, then use the 5 second rule I wrote about last week. When the alarm goes off, count backwards from 5 and say, ‘get up’. Your logical brain will overcome the emotion of wanting more sleep.

Always try to practice the ‘slight edge’.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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