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I Despise Moderation

Devon will tell you that I have an obsessive personality.

It has served me well and at times it has had to be called out.

But, I know through self-awareness that moderation doesn’t work for me. Be that in food, business, education, etc.

Take no offense (or take it if you want), but it has been my observation that people that live by the law of moderation typically get mediocre results in whatever areas they practice moderation in.

Moderation to me is similar to balance. Balance doesn’t get you anywhere, a life in harmony does. This means that at points certain areas will dominate your attention and at other times, other areas dominate, but it evens out.

I’d much rather (for multiple reasons, anti-moderation being one), eat one BIG meal per day than 4 small meals.

More on this to come.

Go all in, whatever it is that you are doing, but remember to own it.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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