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Why You Lost Weight and Still Weren’t Happy

I can look back 15 years and see a pattern throughout the 15 years about the times I was my most ‘ripped’ and honestly say that during many of those times I was my least happy.

Yup, ‘million dollar body’, 10 cent ‘energy’.

Now, I was able to learn a great deal both intellectually as well as spiritually and emotionally throughout those times. But physically, I didn’t own my process, I was forcing my body rather than coaxing it.

And, I was starting from a vantage point that if ‘only I looked a certain way’, then I would be happy. Because my ego lead me to believe that.

The truth is, people are attracted to enthusiastic energy which brings with it a sense of certainty.

The most attractive person in any room is the one that is most certain.

Happiness and energy are intimately tied together. If you are waiting on happiness, then you are waiting on having great energy.

The key is to BE happy and then take the first step. Knowing that your path is happiness will instantly raise your energy and then the ‘owning of the process’ will further enhance your energy as will bettering your fitness.

It’s a self feeding cycle.

But one that most people can’t see.

Simply deciding to make your life better (everything starts with a decision), should make you happier. Decision means freedom of choice, choosing your path to go down.

Connect the dots to self-awareness, we are all here to learn in this one life we’ve been given.

You can lose all the weight you want, but if you weren’t happy all along, you won’t be happy when the scale says you are down. Which means you will an unhappy, less energetic and moody version of your original self.

Read this again until the first dots are connected.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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