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Discover Your Courage

Nearly two weeks ago, Devon and I were sitting in church absorbing a great sermon from our Pastor about courage.

He said that many times he doesn’t feel fully confident when he is planning his sermon for the week that he is qualified to teach it to us.

But when he gets up there, something happens, in which he has a flow and he connects the dots and things he didn’t know he knew, he suddenly can teach.

If he withheld and gave into this feeling of ‘imposter syndrome’, then he wouldn’t be able to share his gift with the world, with us.

You have hidden courage.

Whatever it is that you are passionate about, that your heart keeps nudging you to pursue, you owe it to us and to that calling to start talking about it.

If you are on a fitness quest, then own it by learning more about it. Once you learn, you can teach (but only when asked, never teach unsolicited).

Courage can only exist where fear and uncertainty are currently living.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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