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You Have the Life You Are Willing to Tolerate

I wrote this letter as my most recent entry in my book to Brax and Colt. In case you missed it, enjoy!

Boys, we all have a tolerance, a threshold if you will.

Today, what I want to talk to you about is the life you are tolerating.

In life, most people live it passively, somehow thinking that this is a practice run. Let me be clear: this is not a rehearsal. What you have left in the tank when life is over will represent your potential unfulfilled.

Wherever you are at in life when you are reading this is the life you have built up until this point. Life is a progression, you can’t ever have ultimate success because each decade, in my humble but accurate opinion, is a stepping stone to the next.

Your first 4 decades are going to be about building your foundation, it’s going to be about the hustle (while also always cultivating energy, learn from my earlier mistakes of ‘grinding’). By your 4th decade, you will most likely have a family and if you do, its up to you to provide.

If you move into your fifth decade and don’t have the health you want, the wealth you want or the relationships you want, its because you tolerated your results so far.

Its a tricky thing, because human nature is to seek out comfort, to remain in homeostasis. It is not a natural thing to constantly seek betterment and progression, because of the change and discomfort that comes along with that choice (key word here).

But as I always say, what’s the alternative?

I don’t believe we can live our ultimate life while remaining complacent and tolerant of results and outcomes that aren’t quite what we dreamed of.

Now here is the key, at least the key that has worked for me. Examine your life and see where you want better results and start measuring. We cannot improve that which we don’t measure. Think about that for a second.

Life is a game and in games, you are supposed to have fun, leave it all out there, compete and keep score! How the hell would you know who won if you didn’t keep score.

And then you course correct to continually get better. You only lose if you don’t know why you lost.

Put on your battle armor because you will need it as you continually battle against the eges of your comfort zone.

Love you guys!

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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