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‘No One Cares What You Look Like’

I competed in my first bodybuilding show back in the spring of 2004, 15 years ago! Man, time flies…

It began as a challenge to myself but like all things, if you aren’t careful, a healthy pursuit can quickly become something else and take on a life of its own.

I matured in later contests and realized that it was the process, the journey, that is what it was all really about. I was never cut out to be a ‘bodybuilder’, it was just something I did.

But like you, I struggled with body image issues for a very long time. And even though I do all this mindset work and yada yada, even with all that, after my contest in 2014, I fell back into big time body image issues after the contests were complete.

That was until my Coach, Scott Abel, pointed out to me, that no one cares what I look like. Everyone is concerned with themselves. It was perfect timing as Devon and I were getting ready to go on a vacation to the beach.

Don’t fool yourself and let your ego trick you into thinking that you are trying to change your body so other people will be more impressed.

What is it really about? Get real, is it more energy, being happier, more confident?

When it’s about the externals and the externals only, you are on the wrong path.

In this case, your EGO isn’t your AMIGO.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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