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My Number One Drug of Choice

I started using this drug back in high school.

It was okay, because there was no way to test for it.

Did it give me a HUGE competitive advantage? You bet!

In fact, I haven’t stopped using it since.

So, what is it? Its something known as PHW.

It must be administered through your brain, then your heart and put to use by your body….

Pure, Hard, Work.

Yup, that’s it.

Dogged persistence and consistency.

Someone once told me, ‘Kyle, you know what the secret to my success is/was?’ (this as a very successful person in my opinion)...

‘Its showing up, waking up tomorrow and doing ‘it’ again. Just follow that formula for the rest of your days and you will reach your potential…’

If PHW is a drug you’d like to start using more of, then simply decide upon it.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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