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Kicking the Tyre Kicker to the Curb

Just last week, a new client was telling me about how much she loved the culture and community at Newell Strength.

And yes, I agreed, that is one of our top things that separates us from any other place out there.

But it didn’t happen by accident.

We’ve worked hard to repel the tyre kickers and negative nellies.

In one rare instance that a guy faked his way in, we eventually let him walk.

We simply decided that we didn’t want him infecting our culture. When he came to me with some complaints, I smiled and said, ‘I don’t think you are a good fit for us and to be honest, we kept thinking we could help you but that was a mistake on my part’.

When I say help, I mean to help him become a more compassionate and self-aware person.

He wanted me to beg him to stay, ha, that ain’t wasn’t happening.

It was only a matter of time before the energy of the community at Newell Strength forced him out.

And there have been others that have been told NO from day one, that we wouldn’t be having them join us because of their attitudes.

We are not for everyone and we prefer it that way.

So know that here, you will always be surrounded by a positive, family-like community.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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