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Laziness and Energy

I had an epiphany last week. And that epiphany was this:

To create anything, we need to bring energy to the table. Creating can only happen when energy is present and ramped up.

Think about money for example; money is just a form of energy, an exchange for you providing energy. Some people’s energy can affect tons of people, while other people’s energy can’t even affect themselves.

When we go into freeze mode, when too much stress piles on, we are entering a depressed state. Everyone has dealt with depression of some sort at one point or another. When we are in that frozen state, energy is crap and creating is almost impossible.

So, what’s this got to do with you?

If you want to create better health, you need to bring more energy to the table, not less.

If you want to switch careers, you better up your energy.

If you want to have better relationships, you better up your energy.

Sometimes, you have to be ‘lazy’ in order to cultivate and protect your energy. When I say lazy, I mean you have to recharge; maybe that’s a little extra sleep, maybe it means doing something fun and so on.

I used to sleep very little because I thought it was a sign of laziness and therefore weakness. Little did I know that I was robbing my ability to create what I aspired to.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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