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What Are You Training For?

Emma Taylor was born roughly a month ago at this time.

And being that she was our third child, I had an idea of what was to come.

Which is why my fitness goal for the prior 90 days was to be in the best dad shape that I have ever been in.

I knew that my energy was going to have to be supreme, which was why I was aiming to get my body fat and weight to a certain range.

Yet, it is easy to slip into the external measurement game. Our intentions can morph into what we perceive other people will think of how we look or what they will think of our numbers and so on.

As long as I have been in this game, it still tries to sneak up on me, despite my awareness of it.

Listen, you train for life. You need to have the energy and confidence to show up however you need to show up to be your best self at home, in your relationships and at work.

If something, your program, is detracting and taking you down the wrong path and your energy is suffering, then you are on the wrong path.

Remember, the purpose of any goal is to increase your level of happiness. And part of being happy is having great energy.

Lastly, no one cares what you look like! So stop trying to convince yourself that that is your real motivation. Do some soul searching….

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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