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The Benefits of a Flexible ‘Diet’

Two weeks ago, I was invited to a Yankees game with a great friend of mine.

He got us box seats and it was quite a treat, all inclusive.

The spread was amazing and you better believe I went up 3, maybe four times!

And normally during my regular routine week, I don’t have dessert during the week.

But this was a special occasion and life is to be enjoyed.

Plus, with fasting, I have all the flexibility in the world. Even if I ‘go off course’, I am not gonna get out of shape with just one meal.

With that in mind, I piled up some cookies and put some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream right on top.

Fitness is to enhance your life, not become your life. I’ve deprived myself and learned the hard way in the past….

Enjoy the special experiences of life and realize that flexibility is key to any long term success.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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