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You Have 2 Choices

11 years ago, I almost through in the towel (more than once) on Newell Strength.

You see, at the time, I was running myself ragged, teaching full time, getting my Master’s degree and getting the business going.

Building anything requires tremendous energy. Let me repeat, to create anything requires a tremendous amount of energy.

But, when you are split between so many things, energy is often running low.

I had two options, either quit, or lower my expectations. Actually, I was unwilling to do either, which led me to a third hidden option: working on my mind set.

Quitting would lead to the pain of regret and lowering my expectations would just lead me to being average.

However, realize, those two options are always on the table for you. And sometimes, just knowing that, is enough to keep you moving forward. You’ll have to think this one over I imagine :) The logic is below the surface.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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