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13 days ago, we gave our first ever Heart Health seminar.

It was a fantastic turnout, over 130 people showed up on a Friday night!

At the end, the audience had the chance to ask a few questions and some were directed at me and my philosophy towards nutrition and such.

I could tell that some of the questions were coming from a position of defiance, and that is A O K with me. The thoughts and philosophies of Newell Strength have been a long time in the making and we didn’t grasp them until we were ready.

But asking questions is the first sign of self-awareness. Even if you don’t agree with the answers, ask the questions.

And then, if you find yourself in disagreement, ask yourself: ‘Even though I disagree, what if it were possible that the other point of view was correct?’

Remember, your brain always gives you the answers you are asking of it. It doesn’t like open loops or unfinished business.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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