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Are You the Worn Out Lumberjack?

There was once a big, husky lumberjack.

The lumberjack loved what he did and he did it with superior efficiency. If there were trees to clear, he cleared them, on time, every time.

There was no challenge to big.

But, about 10 years into his career, he started to become lethargic, and felt burnout. One day, a younger, newer, smaller lumberjack noticed and asked him what was the matter.

The older lumberjack explained how he had lost his feel and passion and everything was now a struggle.

To which the younger lumberjack replied, ‘Well, have you tried sharpening your axe?’

Bam! That hit home, square between the eyes.

How does this apply to your life right now?

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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