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Fake Fitness Experts Strike Again

I remember 10 years ago when I coined the term ‘the Human Strength Expert’.

I didn’t want to be associated with the term personal trainer because of all the phonies out there that used that title.

And it remains that way today. Now, I have simply changed their title to the Fake Fitness Experts.

Recently, a friend that shall remain nameless, was telling me about a trainer that was strongly advising him against fasting.

My friend replied, ‘But I feel great on it, my blood work has improved and I have lost 25 pounds.’

FFE: ‘It’s not good for you. You need to eat and eat often.’


This is blind arrogance, based in the need to feel important and to complicate the non-complex.

Fake fitness experts need to have you, the patron, rely on their wily ways in order to feel important and to validate their alphabet soup certifications.

All my certifications are sitting in a cardboard box next to me in the shed as I write this, waiting to be burned in my fire pit.

They mean diddly.

Beware the Fake Fitness Experts this Halloween week, they are scarier than any Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees that you’ll come across.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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