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Finding Simplicity in Complexity

Last week, I started back at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, after a long lay off because of numerous ligament tears that I have been letting ‘settle’.

I went back for a few reasons: I love to learn and the Professor has a great way of Teaching, I enjoy the camaraderie and I think a Dad should be able to take a hit and get choked out without panicking.

Anyhow, I think back to a lesson the Professor told us a while back that was this: If the process is too simple, he gets bored and won’t pursue it.

The ‘it’ can be anything.

‘Find satisfaction in the complexity’, he said.

When we achieve or conquer something that is complex, we get a big rush of dopamine, which sends us looking for the next thing to conquer. We need things that are complex in order for us to grow.

How boring would your life be if everything was a breeze and there was no struggle?

The key to doing the complex is in breaking it down until you have the next simple step in front of you.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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