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Are You Sharpening Your Axe?

There’s a famous Abe Lincoln quote in which he says, “If I had 4 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first 3 of them sharpening my axe.”

In life, knowing how to be efficient and productive in all of your efforts comes down to taking time to know what you have to do, why you have to do it and wasting little time.

Recently, I’ve been going to the local library to do my work and usually, if there is a private glass cubicle open, I take it.

However, on a recent trip, they were both taken so I had to settle for a less private area. I periodically glanced open to see if this young dude was done and every time I looked, he has FB, or some other social media site up on his browser.

Yes, there was very little work being done in that room. Your work isn’t going to get done on its own. Here was a clear cut example of someone that wasn’t sharpening his axe, most likely because no one ever taught him how to do so.

Be efficient in your actions and live with purpose.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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