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Mindset Monday: Where Your Attention Goes

A few weeks back, I scheduled the next in line seminar of our heart health series that is proving to be quite popular.

The date was to be January 10th. Dr. Andrey and I were off and running.

I shared the date with Mike, my good friend and our head trainer and he informed me he wouldn’t be able to make it.


Turns out, he is getting married on the 11th and the rehearsal dinner is on the 10th. And I knew this, because I am in the wedding party!

But, as humans, we tend to give what’s front and center of our attention at the moment more significance and importance.

Nonetheless, the date is switched to the 17th, stay tuned on that.

Remember, where your attention goes, energy flows and results will follow.

Think differently - Kyle

P.S.-Black Friday special is now open….

I’ve decided to run our Black Friday special all week! You can now get our 30-day jump start program for yourself or as a gift for just $49!!!! It’s normally $199, so you do the math. And there is no expiration on it. If you’d like to snag one of these while they are around, simply reply to this email with ‘I want one’ in the subject box.

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