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Member Showcase: From Nervous to SuperWoman

I remember the very first time that Linda walked in to Newell Strength.

She happened to come by during a very busy athlete training session, which meant there were primarily big, strong dudes everywhere. Add to the fact that Newell Strength is in a warehouse and she simply couldn’t get her head around this place being a fit for her.

She had to think about it. However, Coach Dana reached out and was able to calm her fears and get her to commit to just 30-days.

Welp, that was 3 years ago. Linda is one of the great success stories of Newell Strength. She feels better, has lost a ton of weight and has become an important part of the Newell Strength community.

Here Linda tells you in her own words why you should never judge a book by its cover: https://youtu.be/9NO_3C8gv9M

Think differently - Kyle Newell

P.S.-Black Friday special is now open….

I’ve decided to run our Black Friday special all week! You can now get our 30-day jump start program for yourself or as a gift for just $49!!!! It’s normally $199, so you do the math. And there is no expiration on it. If you’d like to snag one of these while they are around, simply reply to this email with ‘I want one’ in the subject box.

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