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Why Exercise Should Not Be used for Fat Loss

Back in 2004, 15 years ago, when I competed in my first bodybuilding show, I did just about everything wrong.

I bought into the belief that getting ripped was simply an energy balance equation, you know, the one that so many of the fake fitness experts still preach.

Take in only a certain amount of calories and ‘burn’ a certain amount of calories and you should be at your weight loss goal in no time flat.

I have written extensively in the past about how misapplied ‘cardio’ is for weight loss but to some it up, traditional cardio as you know it makes you more efficient at using fat stores for energy, which sounds good on the surface, but if your car was more efficient at using gas, it would use less of it, not more of it.

This is pretty much the exact opposite adaptation one would want when trying to lose weight.

And to be clear, cardio is often used when referring to aerobics (more of a slower paced movement that relies on oxygen) when in fact, cardio is anything that works the cardiovascular system.

You know what drives the cardiovascular system, your muscles. The more muscles you work, the more cardio affect you get. But I digress.

Just use some reality math, go out to any gym within the next few weeks and take a picture of the people. Go back a month or two later and note if any of them have made significant changes. Odds are, they will look exactly the same. They bought into the big lie that has been perpetuated forever in fitness by the fake fitness experts that weight loss is a calorie equation.

You need to view exercise and nutrition (plus other lifestyle behaviors) as two wheels of the same bike. One wheel needs to the other wheel and reinforces what the other wheel is trying to do.

Exercise is more for your brain than anything else. It will make you feel great and you will get growth hormones to your brain that you can only get there through physical movement. Exercise is the fountain of youth, it will increase blood flow to all areas of the body and it is the main way to increase muscle mass.

Being that it will make feel great, it will drive the other habits and behaviors outside the gym. Remember the 2 wheel analogy. And its within those ‘outside the gym’ habits that your weight loss will happen.

Remember, whenever you need the whole truth, nothing but the truth and the unvarnished truth, you know where to go….Newell Strength. We promise to never blow smoke at you.

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