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The Real Reason I Dropped Home Ec

We had an awesome date night not long ago with another couple that used to live 2 townhouses down.

The night started with Devon and I going for manny/peddies:). Yes, I go from time to time…

Anyhow, we wanted to socialize a little bit afterwards so we went out for a drink with our friends. Now, Stacey and I graduated high school together. We were acquaintances but not friends.

Out of nowhere during our relaxing cocktail she says, ‘I thought you were such a jerk in high school and so did all of my friends.’

Devon started laughing and so did I, which I followed up with, ‘What did I ever do to you?’

There was nothing I did, she took my introverted ways and interpreted them as arrogance and then she also saw that I had a bunch of athlete friends because, well, I was an athlete.

I explained to her that I was horribly shy in high school and insecure like many people are. She reminded me that we shared a home ec class together our freshman year. That made me think of the home ec class I signed up for my senior year.

I only lasted a week because I found out there would be a presentation at the end of the semester and it scared the B-Geezus out of me. As I said, I was terribly shy and thus petrified to speak in front of others.

The teacher found me in the hallway before basketball practice and ripped me a new one, calling me lazy and having ‘senioritis’. If she only knew…

I regret making that decision but like anything, that same lesson continued to appear again and again until I was willing to slay it. In college, I practiced a 5 minute ‘how to tie a fishing hook’ presentation for weeks because I was so nervous.

After college, I enrolled in ToastMasters and now I have zero issue with public speaking. That which we resist, will persist.

Deal with the lessons of life as they come your way because, well, they won’t go away until you embrace them.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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