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Monday Mindset: Resist and It Will Persist

When I first started working out seriously, back in my sophomore year of highschool, I was all consumed.

I would spend literally hours in the gym, wanting so badly to get bigger and stronger.

I knew that with resistance training, I had to overcome the resistance in front of me in order to force my body to grow.

In life, what we resist will persist.

We need to go into the resistance, it is one of the surest ‘x marks the spot’ on the map of life that I know of.

And if you are avoiding something because it is going to be tough, then that thought will eat at you until you tackle it.

Thus, that which you resist will persist. Resistance training of the mind is a real thing. Resistance of all forms is there to make us grow, just like I found out nearly 25 years ago when I first started hitting the weights.

And if a situation keeps coming up with a different dressing, but the same type of problem, know that it will continue to come up until you overcome the resistance to it.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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