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More Proof for You About Why Counting Calories Doesn’t Work

In my journey to becoming one of the world’s leading experts on fasting, I have experimented with everything and have had many dieting frustrations for both myself and clients.

And by far the biggest myth that I bought into for years was this idea that losing weight was all about cutting calories.

That’s hogwash!

According to research from Dr. Jason Fung:

-99.4% of all calorie restriction diets fail!

Secondly, according to the Women’s Health Initiative study, 50,000 women were put on a lower calorie, low fat diet in which they reduced daily calories by 342 and increased their exercise by 10%

Now, this study went on for 7 years and at the end, the researchers were expecting a 32-pound weight loss per year (obviously this is impossible), yet they saw ZERO, with a big fat 0, in terms of pounds lost!!!

Think about that for a second and think about your current reality in terms of weight and what you’ve always heard from the fake fitness experts.

For YOU, this means:

-You don’t lack willpower (never try to form a habit around something that is purely willpower based). A fake fitness expert can pin the blame on you being weak-willed when their calorie reduction diet doesn’t appear to have worked.

-There is an easier way and one that you can do forever.

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