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Monday Morning Mindset: Your Pain

In the spring of 2007, I walked into my grandmother’s nursing home and told her goodbye.

No, it wasn’t her time to pass, but I was embarking on my 4 month journey to get ready for that spring’s bodybuilding competitions and I was adamant that I would not let any negative forces into my world.

So, that meant that for that period of time, I would not have contact with her. I know it sounds terrible now, but you see, my grandmother (a great lady), could be a complainer at times.

In fact, in addition to her, I also cut off one of my best friends for that period of time because he too, would infuse negative words into my head.

In life, you need to know when it’s time to stop verbalizing your pain. Your words and thoughts are like a radio frequency that will attract back exactly the messages you are sending out.

Allow a small period of time to vent your frustrations and then drop them, they aren’t serving you.

Do you want to be the victor or the victim in life?

Be unconventional - Kyle

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