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10 days ago, I sat in my buddy’s basement with some of my closest friends, watching the college football national championship.

It is a yearly tradition for us but the game always runs well past midnight.

We were discussing how late it was and what were doing the next morning when they asked me what time I was going to get up.

To which I replied, 5.

My buddy said, ‘But you always talk about how important sleep is. On a night like this, why not just sleep a little extra?’

And to be fair, he had a valid point. But sometimes we need to know where we are at in life. Right now, my focus is on staying strong on my ‘Mind Map Morning routine’. I began right before Christmas but then got wiped out by the flu for 3 weeks.

We are not always going to have balance in life. Overall, I’ve been doing pretty good with my sleep quantity so I knew a night or two of less sleep wouldn’t hurt in the long run.

Put your attention on the keystone habit in your life, the one that has the biggest ROI and don’t let your sights off of it.

Be unconventional - Kyle

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