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Monday Morning Mindset: Keep Your Fire Stoked

20 some years ago, I was reading a book by a famous trainer. And in that book, he talked about how fat loss was like stoking a fire.

Sometimes it took a while to get the fire going, but once you got it going, you just had to stoke it to keep it up.

In life, you need to recognize that the hardest part of setting a fire is starting it. Once you’ve started it, you just have to keep it going.

Secondly, if a fire goes out, it’s not the fires fault.

It’s because you stopped focusing on it and tending to it. Hmmm….

Sounds a lot like what happens to people’s dreams.

If you have a dream in life, work on it, get that fire burning.

But then don’t forget to tend to it, keep the flame going.

Remember, where your attention goes, energy flows and results will follow.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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